Sam majored in cinematography from the University Of Gloucestershire under Nic Morris BSC; with multiple years of experience in filmmaking he has a wide knowledge of lighting, camera techniques, the creative process of Filmmaking and Photography and how to apply them, tailoring them to each project Sam is a part of.


Sam works both independently and in teams of varied sizes on a range of producitons and can take the lead if required. He is easily approachable, can adapt to situations and relishes the opportunity to work with people that share the same passion.

Sam has a vast arsenal of equipment which he has spent years accumulating. From cine cameras, grip equipmentgimbals and professional lights alongside postproduction software he can provide any production with kit.

Sam has experience working with variety of equipment such as; Arri Amira, Arri SR3, Sony FS7, Sony A7s, BlackMagic series, Canon 5D, Canon Cine range, Zoom F4/F8 audio recorders and a variety of camera equipment and accessories including; Movi’s, Gimbal’s, Jibs, tracks and dollys. Sam is fast at learning new software and equipment and also has a wide knowledge of photography techniques & practises. 


He is also proficient in using Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve, Fade In, Celtx Shots, Celtx Script and Shot Designer.